xinetd and RECORD in xinetd.conf

P.R. gropie-rubble at
Thu Feb 5 07:20:19 PST 2004


I have a problem, when having RECORD in xinetd.conf.

I sat a looong time figuring the problem out:

When including RECORD in the defaults xinetd does not start up.
When including RECORD in a certain service it is disabled.

Is this due to my machine/lfs/xinetd 2.3.13 ?

Though after searching google with "RECORD" and "xinetd" I found a lot
of other people having that problem too...
Any ideas? Can someone reproduce?
At least one person I found in the list archive last July who had the
same problem (got telnetd not to work)

It is certainly strange, because RECORD is included in the (outdated,
okay) xinetd hint...

xinetd -d clearly tells me, that
RECORD is a bad_log_on_failure_flag


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