"Remove"-value causes syntax error with loadkeys

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Thu Feb 5 06:05:15 PST 2004

hello everybody,

i´ve got yet another problem
with my console keymapping. and i´m
utterly out of my depths.

i´ve got a straightforward lfs-4.1 installation,
using the german keymap. by now i´ve got everything
working properly but for two keys:

the Del (that is forward-delete) and the End key
(or Entf and Ende on German layout). when pressing,
they both ring the bell and output a tilde (~) to

the Code for Del is Remove, as far as i know,
and i´ve looked into several other functional
console keymaps, which state consistently that
keycode 111 is Remove. which is what my lfs system
keymap says as well.

i tried assigning other values to the key by loading minimal
tables, which also works fine.
(something along the lines of
echo "keycode 111 = whatever" > test.map
loadkeys test.map)

But Remove (or its hexadicimal analog) causes a syntax error
when trying to load it.

i could not find any clues as to what is behind
this oddity. anyone encounterd anything similar?



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