Fetchmail flushes double

Ilja sjerra at cinar.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 07:23:23 PST 2004


I've installed Fetchmail and use it for the collection of the remote mailbox for my domain. I've used it successfully before in my SUSE 8.1 and am now using it in my own LFS-BLFS system.
Our mail is recieved from one address and is forwarded to our local smtp that distributes it among the many users. 
Strangely enough, when one mail is destined for different users, say use A and B,  fetchmail actually reads two mails from the server. these two are forwarded two the smtp server and both are then send to the respective users mailboxes. Thus the destined users get the e-mail twice. If I get mail destined for all users, its a mess!
At first I didn't know who was to blame for the multiple delivery, but it was easily traced as far back as fetchmail. In the logfile I get to see that he reads two messages and flushes them both.
Does anybody knows what the problem is or is there somebody that can point me in the right direction. I've checked the FAQ's of fetchmail but couldn't find the topic in it. (that is, it's quite a big list and I might have looked over it). 
It might also be a problem at my provider, but doesn't that sound very unlikely?

many thanks,

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