Problems with Mozilla 1.6 under gnome desktop

David Jensen djensen at
Wed Feb 4 06:40:22 PST 2004

root wrote:

> Hi,
> This gives no clear understanding.   Eventually, I will rebuild
> LFS and BLFS from (ahem) scratch with Linux 2.6, the latest
> package versions, fewer packages and fewer mistakes.  And I will
> build and test mozilla earlier so I can detect problems before
> building a ton of Gnome stuff.  In any case, being able to
> run Mozilla means the BLFS system can maintain itself without
> booting into the host.
> John Green
I had a similar problem when I tried a 2.3.x version of gtk.
As it appears your problem is display,  I'd rebuild gtk2 and all
dependencies per book, ignoring the sound issue for now.

David Jensen

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