Problems compiling Cisco VPN Client 4.0

Michael Beuse BadBeu at
Tue Feb 3 23:33:01 PST 2004

DJ Lucas schrieb:

> Quick need to clean up your headers better.  I don't know if 
> the following is the proper way to handle it, but you can try this with 
> *no guarantees*:
> 'cp /usr/include/asm/mach-default/irq_vectors.h /usr/include/asm'
> but you need to look at the file that included it (asm/irq.h) and see 
> where it expects it to the case of unmodified headers, probably 
> "machine specific directory" so you'll need to copy it to asm and change 
> the line in asm/irq.h that reads '#include "irq_vectors.h"' to '#include 
> <asm/irq_vectors.h>'.  I'll repeat, I have no idea if this is the 
> correct fix, but it *might* work.
> BTW, has anybody else seen these includes?  How are they supposed to 
> work at all?  Should the machine specific includes just fall into 
> include/asm or include?  Is it just my very limited understanding of 
> programming getting in the way?  Maybe I missed the part where it does 
> the check to see which machine specific directory to use.  Even if that 
> is so, how does the compiler know where to find them?  Or should the 
> correct directories be passed to the include path at all times?  And 
> perhaps the best guess....these should not be in userspace at all.  Lots 
> of questions above.  I'll leave to the experts to explain away or 
> support the recomendation above.
> -- DJ

Tried to change something with my includes. But as I understand this the 
  installer takes its includes out of the source directory. So it is not 
neccessary to clean up my header files in /usr/include. I am using the 
sanatized header set of the Fedora Project. Perhaps this is the problem. 
But backuping and copying the raw headers doesn't solve the problem 
anyway. I hope someone is able to help me.

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