how to adjust refresh rate?

manchot amoyamour at
Tue Feb 3 18:41:24 PST 2004

I have repeatedly asked the question about how to change
refresh rate for xwindows.

I am provided with answers like xvidtune or keyboard strokes of Ctrl+
+/- or the ultimate solution of XFree86 manual.

But these methods can't do the job for me. Especially XFree86 manual is
a hard nut.

I found a xtiming calculator on the web and it does everything I need. I
want to share the link and if you know a better one to change refresh
rate painlessly, please tell me. Not everyone is enjoying LCDs.

But here comes another question:

With a framebuffer enabled console and bootsplash, the screen is again
flickering and does anyone know how to set refresh rate in vesafb consoles?

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