some help wanted with a cool audio app. (beatforce)

Rob van Dam r_vandam at
Tue Feb 3 08:21:43 PST 2004

>OK thanks
>now it also wants libid3tag and fftw3, I found and installed them
>beatforce now builds and installs but segfaults on startup.
>Note: I do have both input and output plugins so my problem is
>different from the original post.  I am rebuilding, built LFS-5.1-PRE1 and
>will do yesterdays cvs of blfs over the next few days, will see if  things
>smooth out.

>Sorry I couldn't fix-it
>Dave Jensen

No problem. 
The real problem was that the plugins did build completely. 
The shared file (.so) in the plugin dir didnt build. 
Could you please check this for me?


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