Problems with "at" sign under X11

Michael Beuse BadBeu at
Tue Feb 3 04:04:30 PST 2004

Hi folks,
got some problems with my "at" sign under X11. It functions neither in 
xterm nor in mozilla or other programs. (Okay, these two are the only 
ones I got to funtionc yet)
Think it's only a minor setup problem. But I can't get around it by 
myself. I am using a german keyboard layout, compiled into the kernel. 
In addition I use my loadkey script to load it once again therefore I 
modified it to set a few more values. But none of them affect the 
keyboard layout. I set LC_ALL to de_DE"at"euro (replace "at" with the 
right sign, but I cannot write 'cause it doesn't function for me ;-))
I hope some is able to help me.

Thanks for all,
	Michael Beuse

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