please have a look at this hint

P.R. gropie-rubble at
Mon Feb 2 18:14:58 PST 2004


* Taking us all the way through an example in some detail might have
* helped. Had you backed up a 5 gig partition with du-sh to size files,
* and noted temp space, etc needed and approximate max storage, I would be
* more confident.
* You gave insufficient advice on storage media.

Good point.
I think I will exercise an example, basing it on a LFS backup just after
the LFS book has ended.

* Have you discovered the 'split' program

Sure, I use it frequently for fitting archives for floppy disks.

But when I stick to the example it is not needed, the pure LFS tar
archive was about 200MB, bzip2'ed 60MB.
I will mention it though when dealing with the whole storage/ space

* You have to be able to extract partially. It's a requirement of backup.
* I need a hint to do the magic, not state the obvious. Even a total scripting
* disaster area like myself can see the potential of the following approach

This is true, I will rework on that, too / test it myself.

Give me some days, right now I'm fighting with the courier installation.

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