some help wanted with a cool audio app. (beatforce)

Christopher christopher.carroll at
Mon Feb 2 17:50:37 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 18:19, David Jensen wrote:


>  vrb installs, ladspa installs, I have libmad,
> Beatforce wont build,  requires IMG_Load from  SDL/SDL_image.h  which
> I don't have in LFS, Slackware or Whitebox.  I have SDL-1.8,  1.2.6  
> and  cvs.
> No SDL_image.h and grep -R IMG_Load returns nothing in any of them.
> Find what version of SDL they use?
> David Jensen

SDL/SDL_image.h comes from a separate package, SDL_image


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