Setting LANG for Window Manager.

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Sun Feb 1 09:09:07 PST 2004

Elmar Athmer wrote:
> Hi
> I use xfce4 as Window Manager, if I start a program via the xfce-panel, e.g. 
> xchat it seems to use the standard-locale C (i.e. it's in english).
> If I start a program in an xterm, it is german (LANG=de_DE at euro), so ls in 
> german, xchat in german. I set this LANG in the ~/.bashrc:
> LANG=de_DE at euro
> export LANG
> When I used xfce with Debian, I remember some elements of xfce to be in 
> german, e.g. from the "Exit" - Dialog.
> So where du I have to set LANG?
> Or where can I set the default of the whole system?
> Elmar
Do you start into xfce with xdm or gdm? Then you need to set you LANG in 
the appropriate file (IIRC Xsession). If you start from console using 
startx, I'm not sure. Do you have LANG set in your console? if not you 
should set your LANG variable in either /etc/profile if you want it to 
be system wide or ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile) if you just want it 
the variable be set for one user. See man bash for an explanation of 
when which variables are called.


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