Setting LANG for Window Manager.

Elmar Athmer linux at
Sun Feb 1 08:38:16 PST 2004


I use xfce4 as Window Manager, if I start a program via the xfce-panel, e.g. 
xchat it seems to use the standard-locale C (i.e. it's in english).
If I start a program in an xterm, it is german (LANG=de_DE at euro), so ls in 
german, xchat in german. I set this LANG in the ~/.bashrc:
LANG=de_DE at euro
export LANG

When I used xfce with Debian, I remember some elements of xfce to be in 
german, e.g. from the "Exit" - Dialog.

So where du I have to set LANG?

Or where can I set the default of the whole system?


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