Mesa cvs compilation failure...

Andrew Benton andy at
Fri Dec 31 16:06:34 PST 2004

charlie wrote:
> Dans le fichier inclus à partir de ../../../../../../drm/shared/drm.h:66,
>           à partir de xf86drm.c:72:
> /usr/include/linux/config.h:1:2: #error "Compilation aborted. Please 
> read the FAQ for linux-li bc-headers package."
> /usr/include/linux/config.h:2:2: #error "(can be found at 
> nux-libc-headers/doc/)"
> make[6]: *** [xf86drm.o] Erreur 1
My response to this would be a crude hack. I would move /usr/include/linux/config.h out of 
the way and replace it with a symlink pointing at the linux/config.h in my kernel source. 
(I used to compile XFree86 and mplayer this way) It probably won't work. It'll probably 
fail at another file but my experience was that it used to take five symlinks to get 
Beyond Linux From Scratch built on Bleeding Edge LFS (as it was then). Obviously, if it 
works move the old files back and look for a more elegant solution for the future (patch mesa)

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