Mesa cvs compilation failure...

Peter B. Steiger WYpbs_003 at
Fri Dec 31 15:57:57 PST 2004

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 00:40:46 +0100, charlie sez:
> i was i little upset not getting dri with my video card after installing 
> xorg 6.8.1 according to BLFS SVN instructions, so as advised, i've had a 
> little look at and followed their instructions, 
> which is to say, installing:
> Xorg cvs
> Mesa cvs
> DRM cvs

Boy, you're more stubborn than I am.  Years ago, DRI was my favorite
place to go to look for updated Radeon drivers, and when I moved from
XFree86 4.40 to xorg 6.8.1 last week that's the first place I went
again... but now they have turned what used to be a well-organized site
with links going directly to download areas into some goofy wiki with
circular references all over the place.  You can get dictionary
definitions for every technical term involved, but no actual drivers or
guidance on how to install anything.  I gave up and went with the stock drivers and fortunately in my case their Radeon drivers work
perfectly well.

Unless your video card is so new that has never heard of it, you're
probably better off with the stock drivers.  Maybe the problem is not in
the drivers that came with, but the way you're loading them?  I
found that I should NOT load radeon.ko module from the kernel (which can
cause X to crash at best, and the whole system to lock up at worst). I
just load agpgart and sis-agp, then I let X load the correct radeon.o
driver, and DRI works as well as you can expect - up from 30-40 fps to
230fps in glxgears.

peter b. steiger
cheyenne, WY

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