2.6.10 kernels (wasunexdpected mouse problems in console (mx1000 related?))

Wouter Mense woutermense at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 10:57:21 PST 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004, Declan Moriarty wrote:
> > Well, that's a bit more complicated, since I have USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and
> > firewire on my machine. So i need uhci for USB 1.1, ehci for USB 2.0
> > and ohci1394 for firewire. What these hcd stuff is I also don't know,
> > it isn't causing me any problem, though.
> I've just been doing 2.6.10 here, and reading the help
> ehci_hcd is the _fast_ usb-2.0 driver. It needs a driver for usb-1.0/1.1, and
> ohci_hcd or uhci_hcd is probably that
> >
> > But anyway, I've got 2.6.10 compiled and running know, and that seems
> > to have solved the problem. Guess there's been some driver updates.
> > Thanks all for your great help,
> There sure has,and you end up reading some funny things. My 2.6.10
> kernel boots, runs, but doesn't load the module for the ps2 mouse,
> despite autoloading being in there. I've lost the flashing thingy in
> the console that shows you where you are on a line -
> _Very_Irritating_!
> It's freaking over usb and throwing out overcurrent warnings. Any ideas?
Well, I never had any module in my kernel, since I didn't see the
point. Of course, I know that it can save some memory, but then again,
I've got plenty. So I end up not knowing anything about modules and
can't be of any great help there.
And about the flashy thingy (think you meant your cursor), maybe your
shell is a bit freaked  by something. Typing reset helps me almost all
the time in these cases. If you're working in frame buffer mode it's
another story, of course. I once found that very handy, but sometimes,
after a kernel upgrade, it went bogus because my videocard was
supported better.

> /Funny things you read while compiling a kernel
> It appears the Unicode setup is coming on. The general implementation
> holds tables in the "Corporate Zone". This is not easily swallowed by
> linux coders, so linux holds the  data in the "Linux Zone". And the
> unicode lot apparently refused to add the language klingon, on some
> basis which the linux coders decided was specious (Like that it's
> fictitious), so as linux is a hacker's OS, they extended the API(?) or
> whatever to include klingon characters. So presuming klingons run
> linux, you can now write to them in Unicode :-).

> --
>     All the Best
>     Declan.

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