2.6.10 kernels (was unexdpected mouse problems in console (mx1000 related?))

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 07:24:47 PST 2004

> Well, that's a bit more complicated, since I have USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and
> firewire on my machine. So i need uhci for USB 1.1, ehci for USB 2.0
> and ohci1394 for firewire. What these hcd stuff is I also don't know,
> it isn't causing me any problem, though.

I've just been doing 2.6.10 here, and reading the help

ehci_hcd is the _fast_ usb-2.0 driver. It needs a driver for usb-1.0/1.1, and
ohci_hcd or uhci_hcd is probably that
> But anyway, I've got 2.6.10 compiled and running know, and that seems
> to have solved the problem. Guess there's been some driver updates.
> Thanks all for your great help,

There sure has,and you end up reading some funny things. My 2.6.10
kernel boots, runs, but doesn't load the module for the ps2 mouse,
despite autoloading being in there. I've lost the flashing thingy in
the console that shows you where you are on a line -
It's freaking over usb and throwing out overcurrent warnings. Any ideas?

/Funny things you read while compiling a kernel

It appears the Unicode setup is coming on. The general implementation
holds tables in the "Corporate Zone". This is not easily swallowed by
linux coders, so linux holds the  data in the "Linux Zone". And the
unicode lot apparently refused to add the language klingon, on some
basis which the linux coders decided was specious (Like that it's
fictitious), so as linux is a hacker's OS, they extended the API(?) or
whatever to include klingon characters. So presuming klingons run
linux, you can now write to them in Unicode :-).

     All the Best


     All the Best


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