Undefined References in LFS6, BLFS 2004-12-24

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlos_tocha at ig.com.br
Wed Dec 29 12:15:08 PST 2004

    Hello, and happy new year for all.

    Well, this time i'm building a LFS6 system, but when i was compiling 
BLFS6, i got some strange errors in some packages (3 by now).
    These are the errors and the packages:
    1) Undefined reference to fnmatch (char *, char*, int) on wvstreams 
and kdesdk. --> When i got this error, i search for a library ith this 
function, it was libc. But the test suite to glibc was OK. I can even 
compile a "c" test program with fnmatch function and it worked, so i 
don't know why thes two packages cannot compile.
    2) Undefined reference to glob(...) on kdeadmin. Again this is a 
glibc function, this time i had removed lilo-config from kdeadmin and it 
compiles ok (i know it was ugly).

    The binutils test suite was OK too, so i guess, does anyone had an 
idea or advice?



Carlos <<Tocha>> Novaes
UIN: 49193903
LUN: 171663
MSM: carlos_tocha at ig.com.br

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