Straange behaviour

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Wed Dec 29 08:39:22 PST 2004

I am getting weird behaviour as user in console mode, and hence, I
believe, in Xorg
root can use all the programs satisfactorily. I am groping around for
obvious problems. The system is LFS-5.0 with later add-ons,
Xorg-6.8.1, and not much else.

1. Whan I log in, it gives me the 'no mail' line but not the prompt.
Pressing CTRL_C twice, or waiting 3 seconds and pressing it once gets
the prompt. See the top section of the attached file.

2. The next chunk of the output was in answer to 'less /etc/fstab' on
console 2. I logged in on console 3 as the same user, and entered the
same command, and saw the file. Console 2 seems completely borked, but
this is a basic LFS 5.0(or greater) with no console specific settings
at all, and either standard files ort options from my LFS-3.3 which is
the running system.

3. The next command I entered put up more than a page of prompts and
random bash errors (mainly command not found, but 'syntax error near
unexpected token newline' and others)  and poor bash is ready for a
home for the bewildered. From a quick scan, it seems it was treating
the prompt as a command or start of a script :-O.
4. X is dropping randomly. It says 'connection to X server lost' =
what did you do?
The finger of suspicion here points at firefox, but I'm sure of nothing.
The last 3 lines are output by Xorg when it starts as a user, and
apart from recognizing it as a complaint, I'm clueless.

     All the Best

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