unexdpected mouse problems in console (mx1000 related?)

Xikteny xiktenyNO at SPAMgmail.com
Tue Dec 28 11:50:38 PST 2004

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 20:33:35 +0100, Wouter Mense wrote:
> Hmm, i'm interested, tell me more. Where did you get this mm patch set
> and exactly what problems did it solve?

The mm patch set may be found at
I started using it because I wanted reiser4 support, but it also somehow
fixed the problem with mouse buttons printing characters to the console,
at least, I think that's what fixed it :)
I have no clue as to what specific patch would have fixed it, you might
want to look around in the broken-out directory, and see if you can figure
it out.
Note that mm is probably not as stable as a vanilla kernel,
and it may bring other problems, for instance, on my system, reboot
segfaults sometimes.
Other patch sets, such as ck
(http://members.optusnet.com.au/ckolivas/kernel/) may contain the fix, and
should be more stable than mm, however I haven't looked into it.

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