Where did UTF-8 go?

Peter B. Steiger WYpbs_003 at bornagain.com
Tue Dec 28 09:50:34 PST 2004

In an effort to increase the speed of the DRI drivers for my Radeon, I
upgraded to the newest bleeding-edge (but stable) versions of the kernel
(2.6.10), X (xorg 6.8.2), and Gnome (not because that was necessary for
DRI, but because I was in an upgrading mood anyway).

All of a sudden, Unicode won't display properly.  It's not related to any
one application; Evolution and Firefox have both stopped showing Unicode
characters properly - now I just get a weird box with four hex codes in
it.  I have no idea which of my changes took away UTF capability.  The
last time I built LFS, I didn't need to know or do anything special to get
UTF; I just followed the recipe and everything worked.  I thought I was
following the directions this time, too, but obviously I broke something
along the way.

I reverted back to my 2.6.7 kernel, restored my backup of freetype,
restored my backups of XFree86 4.40... nothing works.

Normally when I compile I use the --disable-nls option because as an
American of course I have no need for anything but God's own language,
English :-) but I made sure to include UTF support in the kernel options,
and I left off the --disable-nls when I built Freetype and X.

What else am I missing?  What compile/configure flags, additional files or
packages, do I need to get UTF working again?  I'd like to at least be
able to read the Cyrillic that shows up on web sites even if I have to use
a dictionary to find out what it means.

peter b. steiger
cheyenne, WY

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