groupadd: PAM authentication failed

Vincent Blondel vincent at
Mon Dec 27 08:13:57 PST 2004

> Vincent Blondel wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I get next error message when I use groupadd :
>> "groupadd: PAM authentication failed".
> When I encountered this problem a few months ago, I resolved it by doing
> the following
> cp /etc/pam.d/useradd /etc/pam.d/groupadd
> This seems to have taken care of the problem for me.  I think my
> reasoning was sound on this.  In my mind, the useradd and groupadd
> commands should have the same pam configuration.
> Scott
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Thanks a lot Scott ... It works :)

I also have the problem with userdel and groupdel and I also had to do
this way so I am looking at Fedora and mandrake how they do it and I don't
find any useradd, ...

I think I will have to investigate for this because I am not sure I have
well understood how PAM works.


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