Unexpected Allarm from System-Speaker

Kevin Alm kevinalm at shenessex.heartland.net
Mon Dec 27 07:22:07 PST 2004

Denis wrote:

>I have a problem that's really bugging me. When I am using my computer as
>usual some time (not reproductible) the System-Speaker starts to sound
>like an allarm. 
>I have no clue what it is, since my System is allright and
>no allarm is set in the BIOS. 
>When running Windows it doesn't happen, so that I suspect it comes from
>LFS. The Thing now is, that I couldn't find anything in the logs. The
>weird thing also is, that my System keeps on running normally - just with
>an annoying allarm-sound!
>If anyone has any ideas - please post them!!! I'm in a dead-end...
>Thanks in advance!
 Are you sure it's the pc speaker? My cpu heatsink has an independant 
temperater alarm, a temp sensor and a piezo buzzer built right into it. 
Had it go off once after I had disturbed some wiring, jamming the cpu 
fan. Thought it was the speaker at first. Something for you to check 


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