Merry Xmas and OpenGL issue

charlie charlie.cllin at
Fri Dec 24 10:51:59 PST 2004

Andrew Benton a écrit :
> charlie wrote:
>> HI everyone,
>> A very Merry Christmas eve to you all, and especially to lfs 
>> developpers who make our dreamy OS come true. So let's say LFS-6.0 was 
>> our christmas gift ;-)
>> I posted yesterday about an SDL issue and was wrong, however, this led 
>> me to another one.
>> I would not consider Tuxracer a "vital linux package", however this is 
>> fun and a good way to test one's DRI config.
>> This is where i'm a bit concerned: i can't build it :(
>> After installing SDL, i tried t install TR --> ./configure complains 
>> my glx.h is to old and advice into installing mesa's.
>> OK, i do as the gurus say and install mesa.
>> Come back to TR, ./configure and ... same problem!!
>> Complains that glXGetProcAdressARB is not defined in glx.h
>> i did a grep, and found the declaration.
>> Hmmm, what's the ?
>> Anybody getting the same issue?
>> regards, and have fun tonight ;-)
> I had this problem but I didn't use mesa. I have an Nvidia graphics card 
> so I installed the  Nvidia drivers. glx.h was installed as part of that. 
> I don't know what the answer is if you don't have an Nvidia card. 
> Tuxracer looks good but there's not a lot of it and the gameplay's a bit 
> one dimensional. It's just steering through a maze. It reminds me of a 
> short section of SuperMario64 from about five years ago

LOL, true about Super Mario 64 ;-)

Actually, i have an Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Onboard display controller 
(a i965G chipset). I had to update kernel to 2.6.9 to get a suitable DRI 
driver. After many investigations and thanx to a nice guy on the 
internet who had the same motherboard, i managed to have it work and now 
glxinfo returns direct rendering ON. Cool.
Next step, testing it --> install tuxracer.
Intel's own driver is old (2004/06) and didn't compile with kernel, so i figured:
1) update to 2.6.9 to get a brand new dri driver for the i965G
2) glx.h for Xorg 6.8.1 is old too: 2002, so update to mesa to get a 
fresh brand new one with an up to date API, which i did.
But still TR doesn't compile.

Now, could it be possible that the OpenGL API changed that much that the 
very type glXGetProcAdressARB doesn't have the same prototype? 
(actually, it's a function pointer i think)
TuxRacer is an old game now, more than two years old i believe. Do you 
think that it expects a different pointer declaration?
However this makes nonsense as glx.h from Xorg dates from 2002, acually 
around the same time as TuxRacer release, so it shouldn't have 
complained !!!...
Wow, all those improbable theories give me a headache, i'm 15 min from 
going to XMas eve party at my parents'... ;-)
I'll have a deepest investigation later.
However, i'm pretty much interested in knowing if other people using 
xorg GL managed to have TR work, or is it me just screwing up my install.



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