About Firefox (stupid question)

Andrew Benton andy at benton987.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Dec 24 07:12:25 PST 2004

dienadel wrote:
> Hello,
> The only programas that i didn't compile in my system was firefox and
> openoffice. The reason doesn't mind, but, now, i need to compile firefox.
> The reason for that is that the precompiled binary downloaded from the web
> needs libstdc++.5, but in LFS-6.0 we have libstdc++.6. I tried to make a
> simple simbolic link, but it didn't work.
You can install the shared libraries from gcc-3.3 and then delete the 
rest if you follow the instructions in BLFS 
http://lfs.securewebservices.co.uk/blfs/view/svn/general/gcc3.html I 
install them for the RealPlayer. I downloaded the source but I couldn't 
get it to go (or rather, I couldn't be bothered working it out - does 
anyone here know how to build realplayer 10 from the source?)
> Well, my question (surely stupid) is that what means "To enable multi-user
> operation". If i don't do that, firefox won't be able to be run by various
> diferent users? Or that firefox won't be able to run simultaniusly by
> varios users? or that firefox won't be able to be executed more than once
> simultaniusly by an user (two or more windows opened)?
I'm not sure about that but I think Firefox has to create some files and 
configure itself the first time it's run so it has to be run by someone 
who has write privileges in the system folders. Running a browser as 
root is not a good idea so those commands do the same thing but without 
actually going out on the web as root.
If you like the way Mozilla build Firefox (all in one folder) don't want 
   run make install post back and I'll explain how to do it the mozilla 
way http://www.mozilla.org/build/configure-build.html

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