reiserfs 4 with kernel 2.6.9?

Hans-Joachim Widmaier hjwidmaier at
Fri Dec 24 05:11:58 PST 2004

Am Thu, 23 Dec 2004 23:34:18 +1300 schrieb Peter Keller:

> I am using Reiser-3.6x with kernel 2.6.7; no apparent problems.
> I did read somewhere that we are still advised against using Reiser-4 on 
> production systems.

I was running ReiserFS 3.6 with kernel 2.6.7 on a server and had serious
problems (kernel panics like 'unable to satisfy paging request' somewhere
in reiserfs land, according to the stack trace). Updating the kernel to
2.6.9 seemed to solve the problem (no panic since then).

So I cannot recommend this particular combination.

Ok, this was my first posting here. Hope I didn't do anything wrong. ;-)


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