About Firefox (stupid question)

dienadel no at use.this.es
Fri Dec 24 05:23:26 PST 2004


The only programas that i didn't compile in my system was firefox and
openoffice. The reason doesn't mind, but, now, i need to compile firefox.

The reason for that is that the precompiled binary downloaded from the web
needs libstdc++.5, but in LFS-6.0 we have libstdc++.6. I tried to make a
simple simbolic link, but it didn't work.

Well, my question (surely stupid) is that what means "To enable multi-user
operation". If i don't do that, firefox won't be able to be run by various
diferent users? Or that firefox won't be able to run simultaniusly by
varios users? or that firefox won't be able to be executed more than once
simultaniusly by an user (two or more windows opened)?

Hope to have explained well.



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