About Krita in Koffice

dienadel no at use.this.es
Fri Dec 24 04:53:25 PST 2004


I want to install koffice. In that suite, the most important programs for
me, are Kspread and Krita.

I followed the instructions in BLFS (svn) and saw the output of the
configure script. It said me that, as i didn't have Imagemagick, krita
wouldn't be compiled. OK, i installed it, and run configure again. Now, the
only adverstinment is that the filter for MS Word won't be compiled. I
don't mind, i don't want it.

But i knew (by a previous install of koffice in LFS-5.1) that perhaps, krita
won't be installed or compiled.

I have tried to find something related to krita in the source code, but the
only thing that appears is the "krita_konqi" file in
koffice-1.3.5/tools/quickprint. Where is krita?

By the way, do you know how to select the software that i want. For example,
as i only want Kspread and Krita, only compile those programas.

thanks and happy christmas!


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