gnome 2.8.1

Andrew Benton andy at
Thu Dec 23 12:58:20 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> h3k h3k wrote:
>> i built gnome, from nautilius i can navigate to computer:// and
>> network:// . But i can not get to preferences:// through nautilus or
>> gnome-control-center. Any ideas what went wrong?
> Dunno. Works for me. Though it changes the url to preferences:///
> when pulled up through nautilus. What happens when you enter the
> URL in nautilus?
> Also, I had experienced some problems similar to what you are
> describing before I added the proper paths to envar XDG_DATA_DIRS.
> What is defined in your envar XDG_DATA_DIRS?
You are a clever clever man. That was a very good guess. It wasn't 
XDG_DATA_DIRS but it was close. In my case, at least (I'm not the 
original poster) the problem was solved by setting XDG_CONFIG_DIRS. The 
thing is, to install gnome-panel-2.9.2 I had to install something else 
that's not in BLFS, gnome-menus-2.9.3, which I did with --prefix-usr 
--sysconfdir=/etc/gnome. It installed a folder /etc/gnome/xdg/menus.The 
problem was solved for me by setting export 
XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/etc/gnome/xdg. Next time I'll install gnome-menus-2.9.3 
with --prefix-usr --sysconfdir=/etc then I won't need to set 
I know this is off topic as these things aren't in BLFS but the info may 
be of some use to someone.

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