reiserfs 4 with kernel 2.6.9?

Andrew Benton andy at
Thu Dec 23 02:50:32 PST 2004

A. Drosos wrote:
> Hi,
> I remember seeing some time ago some comments on kernel 2.6.x series using
> only reiserfs 4 and not working at all with version 3. I have been using v 3
> with my 2.4.x kernels for more than a year (no problems) and as I now have
> some time to build a new system I was wondering what the experience of other
> users is with regards to this. Any advice that you guys have for me?
Reiser4 causes problems compiling and testing glibc (except with the 
2.6.9 kernel, that worked fine, but the problem is back in 2.6.10). Just 
stick with reiserfs and you'll be safe.

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