gnome 2.8.1

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Dec 22 19:23:46 PST 2004

h3k h3k wrote:
> when i put preferences:// into nautilus, it says "preferences:///" is
> not a valid location. Also my gnome menu is empty, even though i have
> files in /usr/share/applications. I am starting to think that this
> happened because i used a slightly different version from the blfs
> guide.
> XDG_DATA_DIRS=/usr/share

Please, no top-posting.

So we can help, please provide your $GNOME_PREFIX. And as others have
noted already, using the 2.9 (unstable) versions of packages will only
lead to trouble unless you're living on the edge and keeping all your
packages at the latest and greatest. Even then, ......

If your GNOME_PREFIX is other than /usr, XDG_DATA_DIRS will need to
include this alternate path as well.


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