Gnome - gnome-applets compile problem

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Dec 21 12:49:16 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> No, it did not sound like an insult.  But, a FBBG type of response is 
> what I'd expect to be given someone new.  None of these types of 
> problems will get fixed if noone tries new versions.  I encountered a 
> problem, so I asked.  It's going to have to be addressed at some point 
> in BLFS, right?

Of course. That's why I asked you if it worked with the earlier version
of xklavier. If so, we'd work ourselves forward using whatever else
upgraded packages you have.

However, because the problem you're having is with a GNOME-2.8.1
package, it's very unlikely that anything is going to be done with
it for a month or so (after BLFS-6.0 is released). I was just trying
to get a heads up with what else packages you have upgraded, and what
works and doesn't work.


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