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Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Tue Dec 21 06:20:05 PST 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:05:19 +0100, Dan Osterrath <Dan.Osterrath at> wrote:
> you have to be very strong because I have to say something very sad. You
> should better sit down.
> Your parents lied. There's no Santa Claus! The big red dressed guy with
> the long white beard was your dad, your grand father or some low paid
> college student. All the presents were bought my your parents or grand
> parents. And no, no one observed you every night and day checking you
> for doing bad things.

Shucks. I thought we J.W.s were the only ones who knew that :-o.

But spare a thought for the pensioners and college students playing
the mythical old geezer when they met our kids,  who knew from day 1.

"What are you laughing at? Why are you lying about presents? You never
gave me ANYTHING!"

What's the stock Santa answer for that?:-)

     All the Best


Santa's outfit is red and white because he was remodelled for a Coca
Cola advertising campaign in 1932 and dressed in the Coca Cola

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