stupid question about etc/profile.d

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at
Tue Dec 21 04:05:19 PST 2004

>I allow no automated installer to mess with my PATH, my prompt or the rest
>of my environment. It doesn't matter if the installer was written by
>Microsoft, Linus Torvalds or Santa Claus.
Hi Matthias,

you have to be very strong because I have to say something very sad. You 
should better sit down.
Your parents lied. There's no Santa Claus! The big red dressed guy with 
the long white beard was your dad, your grand father or some low paid 
college student. All the presents were bought my your parents or grand 
parents. And no, no one observed you every night and day checking you 
for doing bad things.

But hey, I've also got some good news: The stork has nothing to do with 
the babies. Is something much better YOU can do. ;-)

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