Gnome 2.8

David Jensen djensen at
Mon Dec 20 13:13:54 PST 2004

dperkins at wrote:
> Try Gnome 2.8.2.  That might work.
It is 2.8.  I built it on a clean SVN-20041217 starting with the gtk-2.6.0 
packages.  Can't build ruby-gtk2 or ruby-gnome2 with gtk+-2.6.0. :(
A ruby-gtk2 built with 2.4.x runs with 2.6.0,  but you cannot rebuild the 
library.  You can rebuild the apps.

Oh well, they'll fix it soon.   I tried cvs but could not get the server to 
give me the modules I wanted.  I expect it knpws best. :)

David Jensen

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