Gnome 2.8

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 20 12:18:41 PST 2004

dperkins at wrote:
> Try Gnome 2.8.2.  That might work.
> I don't have Gnome installed in the location specified, and gnome-panel
> can't find its icons.  For some reason it wants them in /usr/lib/pixmaps. 
> Or was it /usr/share/lib/pixmaps?  I haven't had a chance to see if I can
> fix it.

Here's something I posted to a while back. It should fix your
issue with the GNOME panel icons. It's a big hack, so I'm not sure if
I should add it to the book, but it does fix the problem.


*Some* themes work okay. Googling didn't turn up anything. So, I
looked at the difference between the themes that work and the
themes that don't. What I discovered is that if I add the following
to the $GNOME_PREFIX/share/gnome-panelrc file, all works okay,
but I still get the message listed above:

pixmap_path "/opt/gnome-2.8/share/pixmaps"

style "panel-icons"
         stock ["panel-screenshot"] =    {{"gnome-screenshot.png"}}
         stock ["panel-gnome-logo"] =    {{"gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png"}}
         stock ["panel-cde"] =           {{"cdeappmenu.png"}}
         stock ["panel-launcher"] =      {{"launcher-program.png"}}
         stock ["panel-run"] =           {{"gnome-run.png"}}
         stock ["panel-drawer"] =        {{"panel-drawer.png"}}
         stock ["panel-main-menu"] =     {{"gnome-main-menu.png"}}
         stock ["panel-force-quit"] =    {{"panel-force-quit.png"}}

class "GtkWidget" style "panel-icons"

I'm not sure if this is due to my $GNOME_PREFIX being /opt/gnome-2.8
or what. If anyone can provide any additional information about
this, I would appreciate it.


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