About ttyS0 with udev

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Sat Dec 18 13:55:18 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> David Jensen wrote:
>> Well my issue is udev is creating all 256 pty's and tty's to match 
>> them when linux >= 2.6.9.  I got 697 devices, more than a static LFS-5.
> This can be fixed as well.  In the kernel configuration, there's an 
> entry in the kernel for how many pty/tty pairs to allow.  Default on 
> this is 256.  Lower this number substantially, and it will reduce those.
> In regard to your earlier question, these legacy PTYs are not necessary 
> for testsuites - testsuites will use the new pty structure in /dev/pts.  
> Very few pieces of software will even need ptys enabled at all.

Thanks,  I will lose the legacy ptys.  It just seemed odd the device creation 
is kernel version specific.

David Jensen

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