About ttyS0 with udev

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sat Dec 18 12:46:23 PST 2004

David Jensen wrote:

> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> David Jensen wrote:
>> Oh, I'm not worried which forum it is in, I'm just not sure you knew
>> the original issue was solved hours ago. The OP did not create serial
>> devices in his kernel configuration. He correctly configured his kernel
>> and all is well. It's in the thread. I just didn't want you fighting
>> an issue, that wasn't an issue.
> Well my issue is udev is creating all 256 pty's and tty's to match 
> them when linux >= 2.6.9.  I got 697 devices, more than a static LFS-5.
> ---
> David Jensen
This can be fixed as well.  In the kernel configuration, there's an 
entry in the kernel for how many pty/tty pairs to allow.  Default on 
this is 256.  Lower this number substantially, and it will reduce those.

In regard to your earlier question, these legacy PTYs are not necessary 
for testsuites - testsuites will use the new pty structure in /dev/pts.  
Very few pieces of software will even need ptys enabled at all.


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