About ttyS0 with udev

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Sat Dec 18 06:56:16 PST 2004

sfs wrote:
> Perhaps i'm missing another point

I ran through my bootables: all use udev

SVN-20040616 linux-2.6.7
   /dev has 178 files, has ttySx's
SVN-20040925 linux-
   /dev has 185 files, has ttySx's

SVN-20041104 linux-2.6.10-rc1
   /dev has 698 files, no ttySx's
SVN-20041104 linux-2.6.9-ac15
   /dev has 697 files, no ttySx's

looks like kernel version, udev version, or I didn't build right.
I'll diff the .configs,  poke about in /etc/udev.

David Jensen

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