Ctrl-Alt-F1 not working with Xorg

Aaron BRICE aaron.brice at st.com
Fri Dec 17 10:33:32 PST 2004

I have a LFS installation I'm using to create bootable CD's that are 
Xterminals, they run X11 as a XDMCP client to a XDMCP server.

Recently I switched from a 2.4 kernel with XFree86 to a 2.6.9 kernel and 
Xorg 6.8.1.  Now, whenever the PC is on the X window and I want to 
switch to a console using Ctrl-Alt-F1, it seems like X captures it and I 
get the F1 shortcut for whatever window I'm on instead of switching to 
the console.  I have to exit out of X with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to get to 
the console.  Once X is closed Ctrl-Alt-Fn switches between consoles so 
it seems to be an X issue.  Any clues?


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