Gnome Help vs. Luddites

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Dec 16 15:40:23 PST 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Peter B. Steiger wrote:
> > In a completely unrelated thread about Firefox, Ken said:
> >
> >>multiple instances of it, e.g. for browsing 'help').  For luddites like
> >>me who don't like cluttering their system to get gnome help working,
> >
> >
> > Funny you should mention that.  I spent last weekend upgrading my Gnome
> > 2.2 libraries to 2.8 following the LFS cvs book.  Before I threw it all
> > away and reverted back to the working 2.2 system, I discovered that none
> > of the gnome-specific programs (such as the games) would bring up help
> > screens.  They don't work with 2.2 either; that's one of the reasons I
> > wanted to upgrade.
> >

> Hmmmm.....
> I recently installed GNOME-2.8 in /opt/gnome-2.8 (same as you being in
> /usr/gnome2, just a different path), and I don't experience any of the
> problems you describe.
> As far as the help for gnome-specific apps (such as the games), you did
> install Yelp (the GNOME help browser), right?
> Other than that, I don't have a clue what could be wrong. The GNOME
> desktop is growing on me. I have always preferred KDE. Now I sit on the
> fence. There's good and not-so-good with both.

 Apart from yelp, shared-mime-info is (as of gnome-2.6) critical for
getting the help working.  Upgrading in place is also a possible recipe
for disaster.  Beyond that, if my memory is correct, intltool and
scrollkeeper have been needed since at least gnome-2.4 to get working

 FWIW, I'm totally agnostic about desktop environments which is why I
build kde but rarely use it (but, QT _is_ a good test of the POSIX2
define in _chapter_5_ of LFS).  My problems with gnome are the
multiplicity of packages and uncertainties about the correct build order
[ with kde, about 6 packages do all I need, so I leave the build running
] and the run-time dependencies, which are probably the problem here.

 On my last build, I hadn't added shared-mime-info, and help was
non-existent.  Add that, rebuild gnome-vfs, and there it was.

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