Gnome Help vs. Luddites

Peter B. Steiger WYpbs_003 at
Thu Dec 16 13:31:24 PST 2004

In a completely unrelated thread about Firefox, Ken said:
> multiple instances of it, e.g. for browsing 'help').  For luddites like
> me who don't like cluttering their system to get gnome help working,

Funny you should mention that.  I spent last weekend upgrading my Gnome
2.2 libraries to 2.8 following the LFS cvs book.  Before I threw it all
away and reverted back to the working 2.2 system, I discovered that none
of the gnome-specific programs (such as the games) would bring up help
screens.  They don't work with 2.2 either; that's one of the reasons I
wanted to upgrade.

Supposing I decide to abandon my Luddite ways and clutter up my system to
get the help files working... what do I need to do?  I went through the
whole process step-by-step just as the book describes (except I use
prefix=/usr/gnome2 so I can easily move the whole tree out of the way when
I upgrade) so I'm pretty sure I didn't fail to RTFA... what else did I

I had to go back to 2.2 because Evolution 2.something crashed like a
Microsoft program when I installed it along with the gnome 2.8 upgrade,
but that's a problem for another discussion thread.

peter b. steiger
cheyenne, WY

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