Moziila, Firefox etc

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 13 08:23:43 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> David Jensen wrote:
>>> Firefox is now installed in /usr.  Is the warning still valid?  I 
>>> have built Mozilla and now want to build Firefox.  This needs BZ'd 
>>> but I'm not sure what is correct.
>> There's a couple of things here to look for.
>> One, Firefox uses ~/.mozilla for preference files. So does Mozilla.
>> Even though Firefox uses a firefox subdir of .mozilla, there's still
>> a conflict with the appreg file. I'll be changing the instructions
>> for Firefox to use a switch --with-user-appdir=.firefox to avoid any
>> conflict.
>> Thunderbird defaults to .thunderbird, so there's no conflict.
>> Two, Firefox will link against Moz's installed NSS and NSPR libs
>> if you followed all the instructions on the Moz installation. I'm
>> not sure if it matters, though. NSS and NSPR is probably identical
>> between the packages. (what I mean by link is that if you do ldd
>> on the installed Firefox binaries, it will appear to link against
>> the installed Moz libs).
> Appearances can be decieving!  Remember that the actual firefox 
> "executable" is a shell script that calls 
> $FIREFOX_PREFIX/lib/firefox-bin (or something to that effect).  Prior to 
> doing so, it does some LD_LIBRARY_PATH hackery to make the program use 
> the nss libs installed as part of firefox.

Yes, correct. That's why I mentioned that it *appears* to link
against the installed libs. I should have better explained. But
you're right, the mozilla script and script perform
the hackery to pull the libs from the correct PREFIX.

And as I mentioned, I'll be attempting to use the --with-system-nspr
switch to see what happens. Might save some space and build time if
you build Firefox and Thunderbird, or all 3 (including Mozilla).


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