Moziila, Firefox etc

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 13 07:45:48 PST 2004

David Jensen wrote:

> Firefox is now installed in /usr.  Is the warning still valid?  I have 
> built Mozilla and now want to build Firefox.  This needs BZ'd but I'm 
> not sure what is correct.

There's a couple of things here to look for.

One, Firefox uses ~/.mozilla for preference files. So does Mozilla.
Even though Firefox uses a firefox subdir of .mozilla, there's still
a conflict with the appreg file. I'll be changing the instructions
for Firefox to use a switch --with-user-appdir=.firefox to avoid any

Thunderbird defaults to .thunderbird, so there's no conflict.

Two, Firefox will link against Moz's installed NSS and NSPR libs
if you followed all the instructions on the Moz installation. I'm
not sure if it matters, though. NSS and NSPR is probably identical
between the packages. (what I mean by link is that if you do ldd
on the installed Firefox binaries, it will appear to link against
the installed Moz libs).

Before I'm finished with the 3 packages and commit everything, I'll
be testing using the --use-system-nspr (or something like that) switch
and see if it works.

Three, Firefox and Thunderbird will install /usr/bin/default/prefs.js.
This is a conflict (as well as FHS breakage). This is BZ'd already.
The file is identical, so I don't think it matters.

Other than that, I don't think there are any other conflicts. All
the packages use package names to individualize the lib, include and
share install dirs. Nothing is put straight in /usr/lib or /usr/include.
There are files dumped in /usr/bin/, but these are mozilla, mozilla-config,
firefox, firefox-config, etc. No conflicts. For example:

etc, etc.

I hope this helps you out, David.


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