Moziila, Firefox etc

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 13 07:27:20 PST 2004

David Jensen wrote:
> Current unstable instructions for mozilla:
> <snip>
> Warning
> Do not install Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird with a 
> single prefix since they install identically named files. The BLFS Book 
> installs Mozilla in /usr while Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird 
> are installed in /opt.
> </snip>
> Firefox is now installed in /usr.  Is the warning still valid?  I have 
> built Mozilla and now want to build Firefox.  This needs BZ'd but I'm 
> not sure what is correct.

Don't bother with a BZ on this one. I've already taken care of it.
I just haven't committed anything yet. More to follow on other threads.


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