tcsh and etc/shells

David Jensen djensen at
Sun Dec 12 09:47:50 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Jensen wrote:
>> I installed tcsh because it is listed required for OpenOffice.  I 
>> think is also needed for the esd testsuite but who runs that? :)  
I attempted the esd test-script.  It wants /bin/tcsh,  I edited it for 
/usr/bin/tcsh,  but it makes me wonder if tcsh should not be moved to /bin.
That's what I will do.
>> If it is a good idea to put it in /etc/shells,  maybe it could be 
>> mentioned.  Too much handholding?
> Again, probably wouldn't hurt to mention it. If you BZ it, that will
> ensure it gets done.
I will, and also mention the /bin
>> OT, I expect problems with OO and LFS-unstable. :)
> DJ is currently working on instructions for LFS-6.0. Last I heard he
> was still one patch away from getting it to work with GCC-3.4.1. Others
> have reported that you can only build OO using GCC-3.3.x.
I will wait for DJ,  I've seen the threads.  He's far ahead of me.

David Jensen

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