tcsh and etc/shells

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Dec 12 09:09:48 PST 2004

David Jensen wrote:
> should I add:
> /bin/csh
> /usr/bin/tcsh
> to etc/shells.  I'm guessing yes, accent on guessing!  

It can't hurt. "man shells" and "man chsh" for more info.
There just may be some out there that actually use csh as
their shell of choice. :-)

> I installed tcsh 
> because it is listed required for OpenOffice.  I think is also needed 
> for the esd testsuite but who runs that? :)  

It's required for some other packages as well, but I can't remember
which ones. It may be there's a workaround. I believe it has
something to do with the make makefiles thing with packages that can
use imake. I probably wrong here, as this is a guess from the memory

> If it is a good idea to put 
> it in /etc/shells,  maybe it could be mentioned.  Too much handholding?

Again, probably wouldn't hurt to mention it. If you BZ it, that will
ensure it gets done.

> OT, I expect problems with OO and LFS-unstable. :)

I expect you will as well. :-)

DJ is currently working on instructions for LFS-6.0. Last I heard he
was still one patch away from getting it to work with GCC-3.4.1. Others
have reported that you can only build OO using GCC-3.3.x.

I haven't built OO in a *long* time, so I can't report anything helpful.


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