Ken Moffat ken at
Fri Dec 10 09:51:33 PST 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Norman Urs Baier wrote:

> Thanks for the hint, but I did use that option, here is the complete
> commandline for configure (more or less copy pasted from BLFS SVN), and the
> file mozconfig that was created from it:
> ./configure
> --disable-proflelocking

I don't have this.

> --with-system-jpeg
> --prefix=/opt/mozilla
> --with-system-zlib
> --with-system-png
> --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2
> --disable-mailnews
> --disable-ldap
> --enable-xft
> --disable-freetype2
> --enable-crypto
> --enable-xinerama
> --enable-single-profile
> --disable-composer
> --enable-extensions=all,-typeaheadfind
> --disable-installer
> --disable-tests
> --disable-debug
> --enable-optimize

 I have --enable-optimize='-O2 -s'
which is probably redundant because my build used
-O2 -pipe -ansi -Wall -pthread -O2 -s -fPIC

- thanks for making me check this!

> --disable-logging
> --enable-reorder
> --enable-strip
> --disable-pedantic
> --enable-cpp-rtti
> --disable-profilesharing

 I also have the following, dunno if they are useful or bogus here.


But, none of the, look like things that would restrict you to one
instance per profile.

None of the following appear in my log, although I noticed that
negotiateauth was removed from my options by configure.

> export MOZ_PHOENIX=1
> mk_add_options MOZ_PHOENIX=1
> ac_add_options --disable-ldap
> ac_add_options --disable-mailnews
> ac_add_options
> --enable-extensions=cookie,xml-rpc,xmlextras,pref,transformiix,un
> iversalchardet,webservices,inspector,gnomevfs,negotiateauth
> ac_add_options --enable-crypto
> ac_add_options --disable-composer
> ac_add_options --enable-single-profile
> ac_add_options --disable-profilesharing
> ac_add_options --disable-profilelocking

I can't see why we get different results.  I'm beginning to doubt the
wisdom of following --enable-single-profile with
--disable-profilesharing, except that we both have both of these, and in
the same order.  Sorry, maybe somebody else can identify what is

 das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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