Freetype, Pango, or something error.

Chris Macksey c_macksey at
Fri Dec 10 09:00:16 PST 2004

Declan Moriarty wrote:
> I think I have fallen into some hole - I'm a patch short, an out of
> date book, wrong package versions, or something. I'm using:
> Pango-1.2.3; gtk+-2.4.12; freetype-2.1.9; 2.4x kernel; gcc-3.3.1;
> glibc-2.3.2; Xorg-6.8.1; freetype-2.1.9; glib-2.0.1. They just
> happened to be what I had lying here.
> Any ideas??

IIRC, the FreeType API changed a while back (2.1.7ish? Can't remember 
for sure).  If you're using an old Pango and a new FreeType, you're 
asking for trouble.  Either downgrade your FreeType or upgrade your Pango.

I ran into this problem (or something similar) with Mozilla a while back.

Chris Macksey
<c_macksey at>

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