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Thu Dec 9 14:51:24 PST 2004

Well, in _my_ situation, when I send a kill signal to the main mimedefang
process on my LFS system, it does not die. But when I send a kill signal
to its last child PID, after I've sent a kill signal to the main
mimedefang process, it shuts down properly.

So it seems that the main mimedefang process does not sends a signal down
to its child processes to shut down, the problem with this is that if I
need to restart mimedefang, I end up with more and more processes, taking
up more memory, eventually eating up all the memory on this system.

> zareh at wrote:
>> Ahh...
>> Now things are making sense, I'm using LFS 5.1.1 with linux kernel
>> 2.4.26,
>> glibc does not have NPTL support, am I correct to assume that mimedefang
>> has a problem with linuxthreads?
>> I just saw that LFS 6.0 has been released, I'll give that a try.
>> Thanks Aaron :)
>> Aaron BRICE
> I don't know about that.  If you have a linuxthreads process with
> multiple threads, and you start killing threads, what is the correct
> behavior?  I've never tried that.  Maybe the main thread is supposed to
> stay there until all the child threads die?
> Aaron
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