applications forking / not threading

Aaron BRICE aaron.brice at
Thu Dec 9 14:38:39 PST 2004

zareh at wrote:
> Ahh...
> Now things are making sense, I'm using LFS 5.1.1 with linux kernel 2.4.26,
> glibc does not have NPTL support, am I correct to assume that mimedefang
> has a problem with linuxthreads?
> I just saw that LFS 6.0 has been released, I'll give that a try.
> Thanks Aaron :)
> Aaron BRICE

I don't know about that.  If you have a linuxthreads process with 
multiple threads, and you start killing threads, what is the correct 
behavior?  I've never tried that.  Maybe the main thread is supposed to 
stay there until all the child threads die?


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